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"UKON Careers came into our school to complete outstanding careers and transition forms. staff were helpful and flexible and wrote the interviews up quickly in order to meet our overdue deadlines. We already have future dates booked with UKON and we would certainly describe the service we've received so far as excellent."




“My son responded positively and I was very impressed.”

“Service was excellent and offered a swift solution that met our specific needs.”

“Talking about finding a suitable secondary school and transition plan from year 6 to year 7 helped to ensure that the right measures are taken to encourage, engage, and support motivation and achievement in year 7.”


Young people


“Very professional, [thoughts about next steps were] well explained and broken down."

“UKON provides an excellent service...we talked about strengths, goals, ambitions also looking at what support is needed.”

"Very helpful and gave good direction on future plans, thinking about a plan B and help with exam preparation."